Other Masters associated with our school. We participate in exchanges with them between the US and China, and they come to our school to teach seminars.

Grand Master Shi Deyang (Guest Master Instructor)

ShiDeyangHe has been a guest master instructor since the birth of LIU international Shi Deru Shaolin Institute. Most well known as grand master of Shaolin traditional Kungfu forms, he is the 31st generation descendant, Grand Master, and close disciple of the Shaolin Temple Spiritual Abbot, Great Master Upper Su Lower Xi (Su Xi), the last and only Shaolin Warrior Monk Legend of the 20th century. He is the most well known and most respected Shaolin true Grand Master of the Shaolin Temple in China today. He is the president of Shaolin Warrior Preparatory team. He has been featured in over 10 documentary films.

  • Featured on at least 20 Martial Arts Magazines cover page around the world.
  • He has produced over 100 DVDs on traditional Shaolin meditation, Qigong, Shaolin health exercises and weapons and traditional Kungfu forms.
  • He has taught over 5 continents in over 50 countries including the US and Canada.

Grand Master Shi De Cheng (AKA: Chen Qing Zhen, Guest Master Instructor)

ShiDeChengHe became Shaolin Temple Grand Master Shi Suyun’s disciple after he studied with famous Shaolin Temple Wushu Studio Head Master Jiao Hongbo 焦洪波. Master Decheng was on the board of the Shaolin Temple Wushu Association and the Song Shan Shaolin Kungfu Research Association. He has visited, demonstrated and taught Shaolin Kungfu privately and on behalf of the Shaolin Temple Warriors Team in over 10 countries in 3 continents. He has won numerous medals in both China and Europe for his great contribution to traditional Shaolin Kungfu. He was featured in CCTV and on other western TV networks many times. He has taught at the LIU International Shi Deru Shaolin Institute since 2005 when he first came to visit America privately.

Chen Zhenglei (Guest Master Instructor)

ChenZhengleiGrandmaster Chen Zhenglei is one of the “Top Ten Martial Artists” in China as recognized by the Chinese government, the 19th generation successor of the Chen family and the 11th generation direct line inheritor of Chen Style Tai Chi. Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei is the author of the official and authoritative books and DVDs on all aspects of Chen Style Tai Chi. He has taught on four continents including Europe, US and Canada. He has been a guest master instructor at the LIU International Shi Deru Shaolin Institute since its birth.

Li Qiang

LiQiangMaster level Martial Artist, and Master Degree in Education, National Top Level Judge, International Top Notch Kungfu Master Sportsman, specializing in traditional Wushu-Kungfu, Qigong and Tai Chi.

Chen Zhe

ChenZheFeatured on Film of National Olympics Sports and awarded Excellence in Olympic Spirit Youth Martial Arts Dance Competition, specializing in youth Martial Arts Education.

Zhang Jun

ZhangJunCertified in National Wushu 6 Degree Black Belt Master level, international Kungfu and Wushu Coach Standardization Exam, awarded National Top Notch Master Sportsman, specializing in traditional Kungfu.