IMG_3881 white house 2The Shaolin Institute, working together with the Shaolin Chan Foundation, will host its first conference geared toward helping Chinese Martial Arts (CMA) Schools around the globe to raise their teaching standards and values by moving from a teaching model of ‘master-based’ values to one of ‘student-based’ values, improving teaching service and the students’ learning experience.

The Chinese Martial Arts Teaching Service Standardization Conference will be held at the Shaolin Institute at 4350 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Studio 500 A, Norcross, GA, on February 22, 2015 and will discuss (1) why CMA instructors worldwide are paid salaries and wages that are low in comparison to other education services, (2) what is lacking in CMA services and (3) solutions to raise the pay of CMA instructors with a commensurate improvement in teaching and managing services.

The main topic of discussion will be the need to match the high expectations of Traditional CMA students with a high level of teaching service and provision of a remarkable learning experience to meet modern high-stress lifestyle needs. “With the advanced skills of CMA instructors to provide these valuable services, they should be able to enjoy higher compensation,” expressed a conference coordinator.

CMA cannot be taught simply as the art of self-defense as it includes many more valuable levels of instruction, including mind-body discipline and character training. “CMA schools must embrace the students’ value-based experience along with the drive for a ‘warrior character’ and honor,” said the Head Master of the conference.

“With generations of experience in translating the life values taught by the great ancient Chinese arts and minds, here in the U.S., the Shaolin Institute is an established cultural, health-wellness and martial arts institute focusing on high-consciousness communication, personal health, safety education and mind-body training. “The Institute recognizes the true value of its instructors in providing a true experience of ancient Chinese Martial Arts and is currently paving the way for all Chinese Martial Arts schools worldwide to pay instructors between $25,000 to $50,000/year in salaries and wages,” stated a conference assistant director.

“If the main focus of the Institute is the health and happiness of each individual who is willing to travel on that high-consciousness health path, preserving thousands of years of wisdom of China and of the Universe, there should be generations of sufficient income to pay those valuable staff members for their services,” commented the Conference Coordinator.

The Institute is currently in a period of expansion and is creating more campuses in the U.S. and around the world. Concurrently, the Institute is also seeking the talents of a few audacious, enthusiastic, personable staff members with impeccable work ethics, solid integrity and character and excellent people and organizational skills to join its dynamic team and help set a new benchmark of quality for staffers in the CMA community.

The Director of the Institute expressed the following: “We hope that we will find minds that fit within our growing organization – those with compassion and a passion for Chinese philosophy, high-consciousness thinking, creativity and the natural healing arts – to meet the needs of the modern, high-stress world and raise up low consciousness.” The Director continued to explain: “The first two open areas for employment are as a teaching-service manager trainee or as an instructor service trainee 高管培训生&资历高管. These roles are designed to promote the Institute and enroll fit minds to teach and spread the news of health and happiness of the ancient Chan way, with freedom of the mind and of the body.”

The Director mentioned that the primary role of the open positions is to promote the Institute’s image of compassion, self-discipline and self-rediscovering and to recruit qualified students nation-wide and worldwide by representing the Head Master internally and externally; acting as a liaison between the Head Master, the students and the community.

Some of the primary duties of the qualified candidate are as follows: Each prospect must be able to represent the campus they work for by welcoming, interviewing and guiding prospective students, future leaders and families, answering questions and following up with calls.

More detailed description of specific duties:

* Complete projects and special assignments by establishing objectives, determining priorities, monitoring progress, problem-solving and making adjustments to plans;

* Assist in improving quality results by studying, analyzing, evaluating and re-designing processes and implementing changes;

* Accomplish marketing and organizational mission by achieving related results, as needed;

* Update headquarters by consolidating, analyzing and forwarding daily action summaries;

* Introduce education programs, select appropriate information, forward information and answer questions;

* Maintains student database by inputting customer profile and updates; preparing and distributing bi-weekly and monthly reports;

* Track operational expenses by tracking, consolidating, analyzing and summarizing expenses; forward for reimbursement;

* Enhance job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; Skills/Qualifications are absolute necessary.

Each prospect must be able to speak fluent English and portray a sharp mind that fits the Institute’s high-consciousness level performance in teaching and nurturing. The following are some examples of qualification requirements:

Fluent English Speaker, Proficient Telephone Skills, Communication & Organizational Skills, Reporting Skills, Writing Skills, Student Focus, Self-Development, Attention to Detail, Professionalism, Microsoft Office Skills, Data Entry Skills, Financial Skills and Teamwork.
Applicants with both excellent internet and management experience are highly desirable, and high consideration will be given to those with similar previous employment and higher start up.

Salaries/Wages are commensurate with performance, beginning at the low range during a three-month trial period testing and evaluating each prospect for correct fit with the Institute. “There is no upper limit of potential pay,” as one of the directors explained. “The successful applicant will be compensated fairly according to his or her abilities and efficiency and outcome of performance in enriching the overall expansion of the Institute. They will be well paid at a level competitive in the U.S. and worldwide.”

Base payment: $2500-$3500/month, with service bonus and position bonus up to $45,000/year, at the discretion of the Institute.

“It is up to each individual, in terms of growing with the Institute in upper management, how far they will go. The future is bright and spacious,” said the Director. In terms of duration, indicated by the Head Master Shi DeRu, “We hope each has a long ride with the team.” He continued, “We desire for each member to be able to work with us and experience with us for at least 5-10 years so that each will have a greater experience in various life challenges and learn certain life values.

“We have no restriction on hours of working time, although we need audacious people with exemplary work ethics. Occasionally, greater than 40 hours of work per week may be required from the staff member, but we are not pushing anyone to work long hours – only efficient ones,” said one of the campus assistant managers.

For more information and to apply to attend the conference, please contact: or
Additional contact: Website; Headquarters phone 251-662-3225; Atlanta campus phone 770-286-9808.

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