Is this “real” Kung Fu?
A The Shaolin Institute is a martial arts and health-wellness facility with a lineage of the original Shaolin temple in Henan province, China. We offer traditional Shaolin training. The Institute’s Master, Shi DeRu (Shawn Liu) is 31st generation Shaolin Grand Master, trained by the great master, His holiness Shi Suxi the at the Shaolin Temple. Shaolin teaches and trains an individual to be free in body, mind and spirit. For more than 1,500 years, the Shaolin Temple has trained hundreds of thousands of the highest disciplined warriors in the world, with deep respect, great character, integrity, a superior level of self control and indomitable spirit.

Students are offered a wide variety of internal/external disciplines to study and master, with a mission to make the world a healthier and better place to live. The knowledge of Shaolin evokes a confidence that enables us to stay focused and on course with our views and missions. Major programs are Shaolin Kungfu/Traditional Wushu, Tai Chi (Taiji), Qigong (Chi Kung), Fitness Kciboxing, SanShou/Sanda Kickboxing, QinNa & Suaijiao (grappling & wrestling) and Health Wellness Programs.

What do “Kung Fu” and “Wu Shu” mean?
A Kungfu 功夫 (in Cantonese), Gong Fu(in mandarin) or Wushu is a collective term in Chinese meaning Martial Arts. But Kung Fu or Gongfu can be a colloquialism meaning skills, accomplishments completely non-related to Martial Arts.

Today’s Wushu often in the west refers to the modernized sport Wushu. The Chinese literal equivalent of “Chinese martial arts” would be Zhongguo wushu (Chinese: 中國武術; pinyin: zhōngguó wǔshù).

Shaolin Kungfu, at our institute, is traditional Shaolin Wushu which is a traditional Chinese combat sport, holistic healing, as well as an art form. All of which emphasizes both internal and external aspects of martial arts, with combat fighting movements as its main content. It has two main categories: routine exercises and free combat fighting. Wushu, a time-honored sport in China, traces to as early as the clan community in primitive societies (before 2600 B.C.). Kungfu is a more familiar general term for Chinese traditional Martial Arts, especially Shaolin Kungfu. Kungfu contains routines and the combat style derived from it can be practiced in Kungfu pairings, defense/offense fighting, as well as Sanshou/Sanda and Qinna-Shuaijiao.

Shaolin Kung Fu (Gong Fu) 少林功夫
  • Shaolin Kung Fu (Gong Fu) inherited by the Shaolin Institute, evolved from the 1500+ year old Shaolin Temple, China. Shaolin Kung Fu is actually the practice of Chan; freedom of the mind and freedom of body movements expressed in Kung Fu form. Shaolin Kung Fu applies thousands of bodily motions to express our minds, our emotions, and our thoughts.
  • Shaolin Kung Fu was designed for individuals to attaining harmony, to increase an personal health, mental attitude, and encourage a deeper awareness and focus. We also strive to have our students become positive community representatives. This begins with the instructor’s attitude towards teaching and towards their students. You will be guided and encouraged through each step of your journey.
  • Shaolin represents traditional Chan culture and it symbolizes the ancient way of loyalty, integrity, and it also represents a way of life emphasizing freedom in thinking, thoughts, and expression.
  • Today’s Shaolin Kung Fu is not merely a pastime, but rather a serious way of life. Kung Fu is the Chan way of life, meditation in Chan recovers our true self that can be overrun by the ego.
  • Shaolin Kung Fu is a Chan way of life in practice, a step-by-step body and mind experience of meditation, mindfulness and tough physical movements, along with a complete change in the way one has grown accustomed to living. Shaolin Kung Fu in reality is like “boiling oil over a blazing fire”. If we wish to truly understand Kungfu, to have enlightenment in Chan, we must go through the trial by fire before the truth of Chan Kung Fusmiles upon us.
  • Through the expression of Shaolin Chan Kung Fu meditation of infinite motion, we see the infinite possibility in life and we discover the third eye we have all forgotten. We can envision our sub-consciousness filled with countless possible images, so as to provide us power to see into the nature of our own being that may lie hidden.
  • Through Shaolin Kung Fu meditation we see Chan that awakens us in our consciousness (that which may be the third eye). By meditating on those utterances or actions that are directly poured out from the inner region undimmed by intellect, those mindful actions in Kung Fu are calculated successfully to exterminate all the turmoil arising from ignorance and confusion. Then we receive insight into the nature of our own being. This insight finally puts a stop to all the doubts that have upset our mental tranquility.
  • Kung Fu is both an art of competitive nature as well as an art of healing through compassion, benevolence and servitude. The true martial artist always remembers the basic martial arts ethics and principles. Without them martial arts becomes nothing more than a simple physical endeavor. Respect, tolerance, integrity, discipline and control are the essence of the Shaolin Temple, and therefore the essence of Kung Fu. (request info)
What is Tai Chi and Qi Gong?
A Qi Gong
First of all, “Chi”, or “Qi” (pronounce them both the same – “chi”). “Chi”( or “Qi”) is understood in the West to be the vital energy deep within us all, which can be developed and manipulated. The benefits to good health associated with Qi Gong or Tai Chi practice derive from maintaining the flow of chi. In martial arts, to achieve the total expression of physical power, a person must also learn to develop health, internal discipline and energy. “Chi” or “Qi” may also be defined as life energy, breath or breath energy, our essential vitality. “Gong” is defined as work. Thus “Qi Gong” is breath work, life energy work, internal energy channeling and cultivation. Qi Gong has been proven to reduce anxiety, depression, arthritis, back pain, and other chronic pain conditions. It helps boost the bodily defense system, improve respiratory circulatory function, burn calories, drastically improve balance, provide cardiovascular benefits, provide powerful stress management tools, and slow aspects of the aging process.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi or Tai Ji, the full term is Tai Chi Chuan or Tai Ji Quan. The literal translation of Tai Chi Chuan is “Supreme Ultimate Boxing”. This is one of the oldest form of internal Kung Fu. Although primarily practiced today as a “moving meditation”. It is wonderful exercise form for improving Qi balance, circulation, concentration and relaxation, Tai Chi is, in origin, a method of fighting. Tai Chi is one of the three internal martial arts of China. The difference between internal and external arts has been debated widely. It can be said that the internal arts are more concerned with how the body controls and generates inner strength and internal and external energy. The differences don’t mean much, however, because at the highest levels of any martial art all tend to reach toward the same realm of Qi.

Harvard University Medical Press called Tai Chi “Medication in Motion” which indicated the healing effect of Tai Chi. As researchers at Harvard University have published, growing evidence has demonstrated mind-body Tai Chi practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Combined with traditional treatment, Tai Chi appears to be helpful in fighting several medical conditions such as: anxiety, depression, back pain, arthritis, low bone density, breast cancer, heart disease, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, sleep problems, and stroke. Participating in Tai Chi may also help to boost the immune system and improve respiratory- circulatory function.

Through circular motions, Tai Gong exercise serves to improve Qi flow, re-channel Qi, mobilize Qi, increase energy levels, strengthen organs, ligaments, muscles and improve the transportation of Oxygen, energy and nutrients for proper healing and body function. In fact, additional studies conducted by UCLA found that older people who practiced Tai Chi and Qi Gong have a much better immune response against viruses.

What is Tai Gong?
A Tai Gong is a combination of Tai Chi and Qi Gong designed by Grand Master DeR with Chinese medical theory and western technology based on ancient Shaolin Chan and medical exercise therapy practices. It focuses on Qi (energy) empowerment and body/mind cleansing, as well as Qi redirection. Tai Gong redirects, unblocks and balances Qi on the right path in the meridian channels and within the organs for wellness and healing. It helps to improve calmness of body and mind, opens the Qi flow, re-channel the Qi, mobilize Qi and increase energy levels to strengthen the functions of organs, ligaments, and muscles. Calmness of body and mind, open communication, opens the Qi flow, re-channel the Qi, mobilize Qi and increase energy levels and strengthen the functions of organs, ligaments, and muscles.

Tai Gong practices cultivate and refine body and mind through nurturing one’s vitality or life force. Long term practice of Tai Gong will show you the primary mechanism that is triggered by the spontaneous balancing and enhancing of the natural healing resources in the human system. Over thousands of years millions of people have benefited from these practices believing that improving the function of the Qi maintains health and heals disease.

What is Tai Gong for Mind-Body Wellness & Healing?
A Tai Gong includes Qi (energy) empowerment, body/mind cleansing, as well as Qi redirection. It is based on Tao, Taiji and Chan theory, as well as Chinese Medicine. Tai Gong redirects, unblocks and balances Qi on the right path in the meridian channels and within the organs for wellness and healing. It helps to improve calmness of the body and mind, opens the Qi flow, re-channels the Qi, mobilizes Qi and increase energy levels and strengthen the functions of organs, ligaments, and muscles. The circulation of Qi from the circulating motions of the body, limbs, joints, and organs, and improves the transportation of Oxygen, energy and nutrients for healing and the bodily function. Taigong will help each individual to bring about the body and mind communication into reality.

In the paradigm of mechanistic Western science, the practice of Qigong triggers a wide array of physiological mechanisms which have profound healing benefits. It increases the delivery of oxygen to the tissues. It enhances the elimination of waste products as well as the transportation of immune cells through the lymph system. And it shifts the chemistry of the brain and the nervous system. You can find a summary of the many physiological mechanisms that are initiated by the practice of Qigong in the Information Center.

Tai Chi and Qigong as an exercise of the mind and body, has shown in research to reduce anxiety, depression, blood pressure, back pain, and other chronic pain conditions. They help to boost the immune system, improve oxygenation, aid in energy and nutrient transportation, improve respiratory/circulatory functions, burning of calories, improve balance drastically, provide cardiovascular benefits, provide powerful stress releasing tools, and prolong both quality and duration of life.

Based on both Tai Ch (Taiji yin/yang) theory and Chinese Medicine, the Tai Gong breathing exercise works to redirect, unblock and balance out Qi (energy) movement throughout the entire body (using existing internal pathways) and internal organs for both wellness and healing.

What is Chan & What is Zen?
A Zen or Chan means the same thing in different tongue Chan is Mandarin while Japanese read the Chinese as Zen since Zen came to the west through the route of Japan. Most people in the west read Chan as Zen.

Chan (Zen) means meditation. Chan is the freedom of the mind, of thought, of emotion, of desire, of spirit and of physical movement.

Chan enlightens us and allows us to be empty and free. Let it be as it is, for the truth with decorative clothing is not real truth. Real truth is always naked and plain. Let life go, as it is like a stream in the mountain. Nothing can be reversed. There is no turning back.

The Chan path is to find our self and our own true nature. This path will lead to us becoming proactive, self dependant and harmonious internally and externally. We will look for solutions grounded with our feet. That is to say, we will cultivate ourselves in body and mind, strengthen our self-healing, and unveil our inner wisdom instead of depending on external sources.

Chan at our institute conveys that we have been working hard to pave our own lives and we have never waited for opportunities or circumstances to give us a lift or give us burdens. We must write our own stories of our lives instead of letting so-called “fate” write us. We take our own lives in our own hands, letting life Qi prevail.

In Chan we follow the Master to empty our minds and cleanse ourselves from the chaos to be mindless, thoughtless, and to follow nothingness. We learn Chan motion techniques to free ourselves from various emotions and human struggles and pains.

We learn various positions in meditation; sitting, standing, and laying on the floor all with a calm and peaceful mind. By adjusting our breathing, emptying our mind, and experiencing total tranquility we demonstrate Chan. All of our meditation should eventually result in a sense of lightening, floating, releasing and of enlightenment. We forget; we let go of all things past and present, and we refresh ourselves with new life and a new way of living.

What is Chan (Zen), Paradigm Shift & What is Chan-Qi Empowering & Natural Healing?
A 1. Chan leads us to see the true freedom of self–nature instead of viewing the world with filtered concept, illusions or beliefs; On Chan path we unveil our true nature: an inner healing mechanism and an innate intelligence.

2. Chan let us flow with Qi and allow us to become one with nature. This allows us to empower ourselves and cultivate our ability to heal and live our life with greater self-control.

3. Chan is not confrontational rather it embraces harmony; Chan empowers ourselves to heal instead of letting disease strike us.

4. Chan lets us witness that we are a microcosm of the Universe.

5. Ultra-secret teachings or esoteric expressions, as HuiNeng stated in Confucian words: Bodhi is to be found only in your mind; Why waste your effort in seeking inner truth outside? A Saint submits himself to all disciplines but a Sage has passed beyond all disciplines.

What is True Shaolin Kung Fu Leadership?
A In the process of completing our true Shaolin Institute mission, we often face the challenges and vicissitudes of life. However, along that rough road of testing and training, we learn who we really are, and learn how to live with others harmoniously in a challenged society. Our primary mission is to restore character and integrity to humanity; to see the true freedom of self – nature; and to unveil our true nature to live in our own world. We strive to be proactive to adapt ourselves; to develop the ability to respond to any challenges; and to have a clear vision of the true world. We possess the freedom within to choose effectively where our lives are heading.

With that character and integrity, we listen to others with compassion and appreciate others with right speech and righteous action to help and to influence the world around us with positive and harmonious Qi.

As Confucius stated to us over two-thousand years ago, thousands of miles start with a first step. We shall start our first step of this life path with the principle of Dao that our self-nature of freedom allows us to choose what we do daily, weekly, to make wise decisions, with the wisdom of the mind instead of emotions. Let the old mind of habits be “emptied and cleared,” and let us refresh ourselves with clear vision of body and mind and like the morning meadow let us be flowing with Qi. Let us flow with nature. We shall empower ourselves and cultivate our ability to live our life and respond to events and incidents through the correct interpretation instead of reacting or reflecting with emotions or feelings. We shall see the world and see our surroundings with clear eyes. We shall choose happiness instead of gloominess or misfortunes. It is us who see light instead of darkness. It is our responsibility to see life sufferings or challenges as our training opportunities.

What is Chan Nutrition?
A Nutrition consultation and monitoring has always part of our teaching and training program. There are three nutrition programs: one is geared toward patients who need sufficient nutrition for the body to heal, repair and to defend themselves from; viruses, diseases cells or tumors from traditional Chinese medical nutrition validated methodology. The 2nd program is for individuals who wish to have optimal health and wellness through proper nutrition, especially applying Chan and Dao nutrition. The 3rd one is to help high level athletes to gain optimal health and body- mind conditioning for optimal performance.
What is Fitness Kickboxing for Women?
A This class is aimed at weight loss, toning muscle, and getting in shape. It is a wake-up call to people who needs to get in shape through an effective and proven exercise; Fitness Kickboxing.

This class is a fairly intense session of high energy, fat burning; this is the exercise with a focus in total body conditioning. This class is for anyone who wants to be in great shape and learn martial arts. Fitness Kickboxing and Conditioning teaches the fundamentals of martial arts hands techniques (including boxing) and kicking techniques. Fitness kickboxing incorporates some ground work but focuses on striking. This class is designed not only for burning calories, but also for strength conditioning, building lean muscle, toning & conditioning your entire body, increases flexibility, and teaches self-defense skills! Experience what the great energy is all about! (Gloves required).

What is Ultimate Body Conditioning Training & Extreme Fitness Kickboxing?
A This program is designed with a variety of time proven training methodologies both ancient and modern/scientific to get each individual a great shape and physical and mental conditioning. Each individual will go through many tough training in cardio endurance, muscles endurance and mental endurance. This program will include but not limited to cross sports fit training, kickboxing, stationary endurance training, and fast paced simulation combat fitness training.

This class has much higher intensity than the Fitness Kickboxing class, which utilizes various kicking techniques, open hand strikes, punching and kicking combinations, and floor calisthenics conditioning. Floor work includes strengthening the abs, arms, chest, waist and legs while using focus mitts and pads. High levels of circuit cardio and muscle endurance training will result in a noticeable fat burn. This training will definitely bring your heart rate up! Experience the most popular cardio workout while you develop kickboxing techniques and self-defense skills! This course is for individuals with previous experience in kickboxing and those with high levels of fitness.

What is San Shou or Sanda?
A San Shou is Chinese kick-boxing with kicking, punching, intercepting and throwing in combat. This class is not only for those who need the highest level of body-mind conditioning but also for those who wish to learn real combat/self-defense techniques and for those interested in amateur and professional combat fighting.
What is Qin Na?
A Qin Na is an ancient Chinese system of grappling, joint manipulation and arm-leg locks to disable the opponents without traumatic strikes. This course is taught with the goal of basic self defense. This class develops higher levels of self-awareness and fighting instinct.
What is Shuaijiao?
A Shuai Jiao is a Chinese Wrestling in Combat which emphasizes quick techniques and trapping/ entrapping throws. Qin Na and Shuaijiao are the base martial of Judo and Jujitsu
What is Extreme Sanda?
A Extreme Sanshou/Sanda is the product of the evolution of Kung Fu which is an ancient martial art with over 4000 years of history. The Shaolin Monks of China used Sanda during times of hardship, strife and war to defend themselves and innocent civilians. Now seen as a sport titled XTREME SANSHOU; a full body fighting contest in the modern day ring incorporating every aspect of Kung Fu including kicks, punches, grabs, throws, grappling, locks and interceptions. It is unlike any other fighting sport and demands incredible mental strategy and physical strength making it the most exciting fighting style in the world today. It is entirely different from MMA which focus on violence and brutality without skill; Kungfu Sanshou incorporates skills, talents, character, self-control and indomitable spirit of the ancient Shaolin Warriors.

The rules of Xtreme Sanshou are very simple, because it is a Kung Fu fight; it utilizes extreme strategy and endurance skills. Any act of malicious behavior or of intentionally injuring another fighter is grounds for automatic disqualification. This is especially true during throws and grappling.

This fight is captivating and is the highest test for true martial artists who incorporate their knowledge of skills, talents, tolerance, discipline and control under the most extreme set of circumstances. The true martial artist knows that Kung Fu is a genuine expression of movements and motion that comes from each unique individual. Not only does it express the flow of energy from within the individual, but it also needs to comprehend and anticipate the opponent’s energy in a contest. It is a basic understanding that one microcosm of energy represents the universal energy; power, life-force, Qi. Much is being written today on this field.

What are Chinese Cultural Studies?
A Through the wisdom of Chan, Confucius, Taoist combined with the discipline of traditional Kung Fu, students will learn the wisdom of the orient. Shaolin multi-cultural ambassadors’ program takes each individual on an in-depth cultural learning journey. Westerners not only learn the arts of Kung Fu, music, painting, and Chan (the ancient wisdom of China) but modern Chinese culture to help build foster a relationship and bridge the understanding between two peoples. Each will have an opportunity to go inside China to learn at people’s homes, schools universities as well as other organizations.

The second part of cultural ambassadors program is to introduce Chinese students to the western way of life, especially life in America. Each student will have an opportunity to go the US to learn English language, participate in cultural events and will also go to people’s home and institutions to learn and share from their culture as well.

What is Natural Healing?
A This program is for patients with various disease and illnesses. The philosophy of this healing program is to improve each cell’s ability to protect itself, to repair internal damage and to fight against infections viruses and to protect against tumor cell mutation. This healing program will include but not be limited to natural treatment through meditative breathing, nutrition, Chan meditation, Tai Gong, exercise medicine, rehabilitation therapy and herbs etc…This program does not incorporate drugs designed by companies and other corporations.
Can I do this?
A Every person can do Kung Fu. You can still do internal Kung Fu like Tai Chi or Tai Gong designed for internal and external healing. The Kung Fu way of life is importantly a healthy way of living. The training in Kung Fu includes not only the more familiar physically explosive forms, weapon techniques, physical toughening, and self-protection skills; but, must also include mental discipline such as meditation, breathing and healing Qigong as well as Tai Chi. Training in Kung Fu is exercise, To fully practice a martial art, a person must also strive to develop and maintain a level of fitness that will allow them to improve their physical and mental capabilities.
What class should I take?
A It depends on your physical ability and your current interests. For you to enjoy the most from your training, you shall have a solid understanding of what you want to achieve and to define personal goals. It is best for you to visit the any of the campus in the US to personally see each program of which a professionally trained instructor gives you a full explanation and it’s benefit.

At Liu Institute, each prospective student must have an interview and orientations before he/she becomes a full student. Together, we will help you decide which class will work best to meet your goals and where to start.

How long are training sessions?
A A first training session lasts about 30-45 minutes. Kids programs are 45 minute for little tiger; 45 minutes for beginner teens and adults, and one hour for GBSC fully enrolled students adults and teens and one and half hour or more for ore advanced GBSC and beyond.
Who will be my instructor?
A The Institute’s Head Master, DeRu (Shawn Liu) is 31st generation Shaolin Grand Master, trained by the Great Master Shi Suxi at the Shaolin Temple. His selected instructors are well trained in the techniques, styles and traditions, directly from the original Shaolin Temple of China. Many of them are considered some of the best in the world.
Will classes meet a planned time schedule?
A It would be wonderful to have a full time Shaolin temple where students could reside and train full-time, but, this is today – in America !! We understand that this is not your only activity all day, every day. All classes follow a regular schedule and must start and end on time.
I’ve heard about difficult, mean spirited martial arts schools and instructors – Will my instructor be encouraging?
A Shaolin is a means for attaining harmony, to increase an individual’s health, mental attitude and encourage a deeper awareness and focus. We also strive to have our students become positive community representatives. This begins with the instructor’s attitude towards teaching and towards their students. You will be encouraged in every step along the way to make sure of your progress.
Will I understand what my instructor tells me?
A All instructors strive to give each student explanations of the exercises and techniques in the training program. We take care to answer questions as best we can during the training session without reducing the level of training being provided to the class. Instructors will also be available to answer questions before and after classes. To the greatest extent possible, instructors will be made available to assist students in other languages. Students will be assisted in every way possible to understand all situations of the class and all the materials covered in class.
Will I be introduced to anyone? Will anyone be my age, and will anyone be a beginner like me?
A You will be introduced first to your instructor and office staff. You will be introduced to all the students, especially beginners in your ranking at the institute. All classes are divided not only by ranking but also by age.
Will I feel welcome or out of place?
A This is a very friendly institute with positive energy around. You will be welcomed very dearly.
Will I leave here feeling like I have learned something or will I leave feeling confused?
A Like any new experience, you may be confused in the beginning due to the large amount of unfamiliar information given. In this regard, you will be in great company! All of the students and instructors in the classes have been in that same situation and will strive to help. You will feel more comfortable with your program as you progress. It will not take weeks before you fall in love with the training. It is a great feeling.
Will I learn something new each time I come so I can see progress or will I do the same thing each time I come?
A You will learn something new each time you come. The martial arts, like any physical training regimen, require repetition of body movements. Improvement comes through conducting this training with the assistance of the Master and the instructors, and through your own concentrated attention and focus. Each student must train hard and review all the previous training skills before moving on. The speed with which an individual student advances is directly dependent on their level of personal attention to the training. Our training philosophy is “master a few things with perfection instead of going over many things without mastering anything”. Only more training and repetition can make a more perfect martial artist.
Will I be on some type of program so that I can have a goal and progress toward reaching that goal?
A You will be assigned a program and a goal will be set. When a goal is set, the goal can be achieved and will be reached if you never give up.
Is there a belt ranking system in this school?
A Yes, in order to organize each student’s studies and check the progress, we have a ranking system. Beginning from Black sash (belt), which is a symbol of total darkness, we progress through many years of disciplined training and studies to a more advanced level of Golden black sash symbolizing completion of the first level of pre-discipleship program graduation. The first graduation, which epitomizes the accomplishment of successful completion of various levels of sash tests, is the first lunching platform for students to travel on the path to becoming a true Shaolin warrior.

The whole process of golden black sash program is divided into 4 stages of studies: freshman (white-orange), sophomore (green-red), Junior (purple-brown) and Senior (from part 1-part 2 golden black) before the first pre-discipleship graduation. After first full pledged golden black sash graduation, only the dedicated Shaolin warriors will be chosen to continue further training on the road to become full pledged disciples, some of whom will be chosen to become future certified Shaolin instructors and Masters who need many more years of in depth studies and training.

What is GBSC Team?
A Golden Black Sash Champion Team=GBSC is our official enrolled students body. When you complete the initial basic program, you will be qualified for the GBSC Team program. The basic qualification and requirement for GBSC is commitment. You must be committed to never give up before you obtain a full Golden Black Sash. It takes about 4-5 years to complete the first GBS full pledged program.
What if I cannot reach the goal of Golden Black Sash or I am too slow to complete the program?
A Everyone can successfully accomplish the GBS program. Many quit too early.
What is self-defense?
A Self-defense is a state of mind and any available means of safely avoiding or escaping a potentially dangerous encounter.
Does self-defense work?
A Yes. Self-defense training can increase your options and help you prepare responses to slow down, de-escalate or interrupt an attack. Like any tool, the more you know about it, the more informed you are to make a swift and accurate decision and use it.
Will it take years before I learn how to defend myself?
A No, a basic course can offer enough concepts and skills to help you immediately develop self- protection strategies, which you can continue to build and perfect indefinitely.
Is self-defense a guarantee?
A No, there are no guarantees when it comes to self-protection. However, self-defense training can increase your preparedness and options.
Am I too old o out of shape to study Kung-Fu?
A You don’t have to be an athlete to learn how to defend yourself. Our program is designed to adapt to every age and their limitations. It provides each student with the opportunity to learn at his or her own level.
Will I get hurt?
A Under the staff’s direct supervision the student is taught how to control the amount of contact while training. At no time is a student allowed to use destructive force. This policy provides for safe training and maximum learning for each student.
What is the difference between Kung-Fu and Karate or Tae Kwan Do?
A Among these martial arts, there are similarities in some physical appearance, but the mental aspect is quite different. Kung-Fu is the oldest martial arts in the world with 3000 years of history. These arts were carried to other areas of Asia and incorporated into the styles of combat and Buddhist training of their day. Kung Fu, is characterized by both straight line as well as more fluid circular movements, and includes both internal and external strength with more in depth training. Karate evolved later in history in Japan, with varying styles of “direct” (“rigid”) movements. Tae Kwan Do, developed in Korea, and has been speculated to have derived from Karate and Kung Fu, but adapted it’s highly evolved kicking techniques. Akido, one of the latest derivations of Karate, established as a distinct style following World War II, more closely resembles the origins of Kung Fu with fluidity of movement and the combination of internal and external energy toward a peace and health – the circle of martial arts expands and yet returns to its beginnings!

The Shaolin Temple is the oldest institution that teaches martial arts, health and wellness. For more than 1,500 years, the Chinese martial arts have grown and become inclusive of new ideas and techniques, while maintaining its rich and proven traditions.

Okay, when can I start?