Slide1Our Spring 2015 Qi Retreat is quickly approaching! Join us in Pensacola, Florida for four days of internal healing, meditation, Tai Chi practice, and fun. Use the registration form to register. Spaces are limited! See below for the program!

Qi Retreat 2015 Registration Form

Qi Retreat – Quantum Communication in Higher Consciousness
Pensacola Beach, Florida
Qi Retreat Program 2015

Shaolin Zen Meditation,
Body – Mind Awakening
Quantum Communication – Connecting Inner Qi to Universe Natural Qi
Wisdom: Unveil Inner Healing Power, Peace, Harmony & Happiness

All classes are taught by Grand Master Deru, a disciple of the 31st generation of Shaolin Temple Southern Yard, who for decades, has been a teacher of Zen meditation, martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, and health and wellness.
Friday, February 27th
5:00 – 6:00 PM
Brief introduction to Zen (Chan) meditation – discover the natural healing power and wisdom within.
Dinner on each own
Enjoy fine cuisine in Pensacola Beach.
Saturday, Feb 28th

8:30 AM
Start the day with fresh juice and fruits.

9:30 AM

1st Zen Meditation

Lecture – Quantum Communication in Consciousness: Back to Original Qi in connection with cosmic supreme Qi of Higher Consciousness – Return to Original Self Nature (p1)
Introduction to Chan – freedom of conscious mind –
The total freedom of mind – unattached, formless and thoughtless – leads to the transformation universal Qi of free body and creative mind to eventual realization of a new world.

Introduction to Tai Gong
Conscious Qi flow within our body in connection with universe Qi, permeating through its cosmic and micro communication channel of our organism.
Chan stretch – meditate while calming stretching muscles and ligaments (plus).

11:00 AM
Chan and Shaolin tradition and legacy
A brief history of Shaolin Temple from Chan to Chan Wu He Yi
Chan is about Qi meditation, the enlightenment of wisdom with infinite mind.

11:30 AM
Brief introduction to how the body-mind medicine naturally permeates and regulates

Conscious Mind: body-mind connection, awareness of individual Qi in quantum communication connection with nature and universal Qi. Quietness and calmness and sense of feel

Level 2 & 3
Guide into small heavenly cycle of Qi channels to empower and instigate inner healing Qi in quantum communication with universal Qi.

12:00 PM
Chan nutrition and cooking introduction I
Lunch included

3:00 PM
Welcome ceremony

4:00 PM
Continue from 11: 30 am conscious connection to seek more universe Qi communication

Practice Shaolin Tai Gong p1 and p2
Utilize Qi and wisdom to make the body and mind connection, enhance, and transfer yourself from form to formless and from a physical existence to spiritual being.

Group 1: Tai Gong p1 for novice and beginners
Group 2: Tai Gong p2 for s – beginners
Group 3 introduction to Animal Tai Gong

5:30 PM
Chan nutrition and cooking introduction II
Dinner included

7:00 PM
Review and discuss Qi and Chan nutrition.
Meditation on your own

Sunday, March 1st

8:30 AM
Start the day with fresh juice and fruits.

9:30 AM
Conscious meditation – emerge qi consciousness in the universe auspicious Qi – infinite qi mind, One embraces universe qi and become formless and invisible, and feel the lightness of being.

10:00 AM
Lecture 2: Back to Original Qi in connection with cosmic supreme Qi of Higher Consciousness – Return to Original Self Nature (p2)
10:30 AM

Short Tai Gong stretch
Tai Gong – Qi conscious communication
Group 1: Tai Gong p1 for novice and beginners continue
Group 2: Tai Gong p2 for advanced beginners continue
Group 3: Animal Tai Gong and Yi Jin Jing
12:00 PM
Chan nutrition and cooking
Lunch included

3:00 PM

Shaolin Oneness with Universe Qi – Qi Balance, Qi feel Qi conscious guide

4:00 PM
Continues in
Tai Gong – Qi conscious communication
Group 1: Tai Gong p1 for novice and beginners continue
Group 2: Tai Gong p2 for advanced beginners continue
Group 3: Animal Tai Gong and Yi Jin Jing

5:00 PM
Group 1: Tai Gong reviewing and introduction to Yin Yang Tai Gong
Group 2: 1st Qi Reeling

6:00 PM
Chan nutrition and cooking
Dinner included

MONDAY, March 3

7:30 AM
Start the day with fresh juice and fruits.

8:30 AM
Group 1: feel the connection in Qi communicating with infinite auspicious Qi.

More advanced continue the strength of empowered Qi in healing, experiencing small heavenly cycle in the entire organism to each cell consciousness.

9:30 AM
Review and Q &A

10:30 AM

The program is about “Zen: Higher Consciousness with Infinite Mind of auspicious Qi.” The entire retreat is designed for bodily immune system enhancement in communication with universal Qi, feeling the freedom and liberty of body and mind in order to be in present healthy consciousness.

“Healing starts with Chan meditation which allows us to let “it” go so as to create space to generate dynamic Qi. It all begins with relaxation and mind calmness. Healing requires an empty mind to reach higher consciousness. Healing also requires positive Qi to strengthen the immune system”
Higher consciousness meditation helps to sharpen one’s intuition and make the connection between the subconscious, inner conscious and super conscious universe, so as to improve inner Qi flow within and one’s overall health.
The Qi retreat in its entirety is all about setting free one’s inner harmonic Qi in quantum communication with high consciousness, to resonate with the auspicious Qi of cosmic consciousness, to open and positively influence DNA and genetic strings with higher conscious qi, and to unleash the healing power and potential within us all.

Master DeRu Random stream of thoughts:
We meditate starting from scanning each cell to strengthen immune efficiency from self-cultivation to higher conscious communication and rediscovery of our being
We meditate from that conscious communication to see and sense the superior universe Qi and to flow with the universal principle and universe consciousness to the cosmic intelligence and genuine wisdom

We are breathing into and from universe qi, connecting with universe consciousness and communicate with universe intelligence and eventually return to self-nature to unite ourselves and the universe into one.
Let thoughts go and let stream of consciousness in symphony with cosmic consciousness. Let’s reach that ultimate Qi consciousness and to unveil that original wisdom and to be that genuine man of wisdom and to be part of that genius guided by higher conscious as a living being.
As Albert Einstein sees: One reaches that cosmic conscious and cosmic Qi consciousness through consistent meditation or “day dreaming” as many expressed in their own words. Quantum conscious communication is between sub consciousness and inner consciousness to cosmic consciousness through present consciousness – to reach that cosmic consciousness and infinite intelligence to see the more of the real world.
We begin our meditation sometimes through conscious contemplating without thinking.
Through deep meditation we consciously flow that stream of consciousness into first ladder of those nine levels of universe intelligence and into the depth of wisdom. One starts from constancy and persistency of conscious communication in deep meditation in connection with cosmic consciousness and with thoughtless consciousness to space creation and expansion.
That space is creating a conscious vacuumed effect to attract that PQ and that superior consciousness to eventually send signals to vibrate that Qi signal to the similar harmonic signals of the cosmic intelligence.
Nothing can be explained fully and no words can explain or convey fully that qi experience. Let’s meditate to clear that channel into real communication. Meditation is communication beyond words; it is conscious communication beyond words and beyond interpretation. Just do it. Let everything go.
We meditate to communicate openly deep into each tissue and each cell and each DNA string and into each genes conscious communication channel,; deep conscious meditation with right path and right conscious opening link that leads one to that smooth communication, melting all qi to that oneness from separation to reconnection with the cosmic consciousness. That sees ultimate health and happiness.
Cosmic Qi in our body we depends on to live and to thrive
We Wei, Wu Ji to Tai Ji
Empty mind is to increase Qi Flow
Qi depletion diseases starts
Qi channels must be open and must have flow of Qi to obtain total health and well-being.

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