WuBin, the 21st century legend Master of Kung Fu-Wushu of China, mentor to Wushu masters, including Jet Li and Donnie Yen, will conduct a Kung Fu seminar for health cultivation with DeRu (Shawn Liu Xiangyang), 31st generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple. The event presented by SCF (Shaolin Chan Foundation) will be held on Feb. 14th from 9:00 AM till11:30 AM at Shaolin Institute, located at 4350 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 500A, Norcross, GA 30071.

“This is a unique seminar gathering of martial arts for health and natural healing with mind-body cultivation which promises to be an extraordinary experience for health-conscious individuals and martial artists,” said the chief coordinator of the event.

– The first part of seminar, presented by DeRu, will unveil the secret of ancient Zen natural and healing arts apart from Zen mediation in quantum communication.

– The second part of the seminar will feature Zen-Tai-Gong (DeRu) and Kungfu for Health and Wellness (WuBin).

The first part of the seminar will include DeRu’s introduction and explanation of the principles of Qi (internal energy) and meridians in association with inner consciousness and inner Qi circulation along with the first two motions.

DeRu explains: “Tai Gong is about mind-body communication. Tai Gong is used to cultivate the flow of Qi within the body and to train the mind(cortex) and the ‘mind’ of all cells to work together with one mission – to improve the functioning of the entire organism, especially of the immune and defense systems”

Zen-Tai-Gong Flex, included in the second part of the seminar, according to DeRu, can be applied to cultivate the Qi consciousness throughout the body and to communicate with all the cells of the body and mind to function together with ultimate efficiency and aptitude.

WuBin expressed: “Kung Fu for health cultivation is used to apply the most basic Kung Fu motionsin partnership with mind consciousness and body Qi to channel and communicate the energy of the entire organism.” Wu Bin will teach some of the most fundamental moves of martial arts related to mind-body connection and self-cultivation with energy and blood flow for health and healing.”

Of Zen, DeRu states, “When one is in total mind-body training, one associatesoneself to nothing and thinks of nothing, engaged in pure internal KungFu meditation, which is a pure expression of mind and Qi freedom and of the universe in which human beings are a part. Man is, after all, a microcosm of the universe.”

This will be an informative, step-by-step, action-guided seminar suitable for all ages and levels.

WuBin is the most renowned Wushucoach in the world, having produced more Wushuchampions than any other coach in China. Of his many students, three stand out the most: the action movie superstars Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Wu Jin. He was also the technical chairman for the Asian Wushu Federation for over a decade.

DeRu is one of two close disciples of the late, great spiritual leader and Great Grand Master Shi SuXi of the Shaolin Temple. Since 1995, DeRu has been the KungFu Sanshou technical chairman of the Pan-America Wushu/Kung Fu Federation. He has beencalled “The Godfather of Sanshou in America” by International Kung Fu Magazine and “The Father of American Sanshou” by Central Chinese TV Networks and other international press outlets. He has also trained numerous national and international Kung Fu Sanshou champions in the US, including UFC fighters Patrick Barry and Cung Le.

SCF (Shaolin Chan Foundation) is a non-profit charitable and Zen cultural foundation to assist financially less privileged children in academic and leadership education needs and promote Zen freedom of the body and mind. (

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